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Interested in joining our cleaning team? Cleaning job listings, help wanted and job openings work in the house cleaning industry. Complete our online job application form to schedule an interview for Employment Opportunities with McCarthy's Home Services.

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This information will be used only for job-related purposes and only to the extent permitted by applicable law. Simplistic Solutions, LLC will consider the offense for which you were convicted, the circumstances surrounding the conviction, and the date of the conviction, as important factors in making its hiring decision.



Minimum Physical Requirements including, but not limited to being able to handle/be around the cleaning supplies; some heavy lifting; bending/kneeling required; must be able to stand to long periods of time.

Authorization and Acknowledgment of Employment

I hereby authorize McCarthy's Home Services to investigate all statements made in this application, reviewing my driving and criminal records, and to contact my previous employers. I understand that any false statements made herein may eliminate my application from employment consideration, or if discovered after hire, may result in my discharge from employment.

If hired I will conform to the policies, rules and regulations of McCarthy's Home Services.

I agree to submit to drug testing if requested by McCarthy's Home Services, and I also agree to sign the "Non-Compete" agreement.

I acknowledge that both my employment and my compensation CAN BE TERMINATED AND/OR CHANGED AT WILL, without prior notice and at the sole option of McCarthy's Home Services. I understand that no representative of McCarthy's Home Services has any authority to enter into any agreement hiring me for a specified period of time, or to make any agreement contrary to this acknowledgment.